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New Book now available:

The Blind Watch: Technological Atheism and the Theology of Nature

In this book I challenge the atheistic views of Richard Dawkins and present an understanding of nature as nature. 

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My site offers personal information on ethics, philosophy and religion as well as the opportunity for online discussion of these topics. 


We are a people characterized by technological prowess and ethical disorientation. We have developed the technological capability of destroying all life forms on earth either through atomic warfare or through climate change. We have not, however, developed the ethical sensitivities to make responsible decisions about the available technologies. In "Citizens of the Broken Compass", I explore this problem from a variety of perspectives: consumerism, same-sex marriage, human rights, the common good and atheism. 

We are not born for ourselves alone, to use Plato's splendid words, but our country claims for itself one part of our birth, and our friends another. Moreover, as the Stoics believe...human beings are born for the sake of human beings, so that they may be able to assist one another. Consequently, we ought in this to follow nature as our leader, to contribute to the community common benefits, and, by the exchange of dutiful services, by giving and receiving expertise and efforts and means, to bind fast the fellowship of all human beings with each other.   

                                                                                Cicero, On Duties, Book I, 22.

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