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Rediscovering America

Although I lived in Switzerland during most of my working career, I was actually born in the United States, to be specific, in Nashville, Tennessee. I went to Zürich, Switzerland as student and after completing my doctorate at the University of Zürich, I stayed there for another 30 years. When I retired, Susan, my wife, and I moved to central Florida where we now reside. One of the great benefits of living in Switzerland was the opportunity of viewing the US at a distance, and my experiences there have had a tremendous impact on my impressions of the States today. During the 30 years that I was away, the changes here have been dramatic.

In the coming months, I intend to record in my blog some of my impressions upon returning. Some of the blogs will be more political in nature, others more sociological or religious. I emphasize that these blogs are my impressions; I have not researched the topics and do not intend to do so. The blogs are written for you, my reader. They are “blogs4u”, as the jargon goes today, and they will appear every four weeks on the 4th of each month. They are, therefore: “blogs4u on the 4th”. I will call them my “Blog4u4”.

On the 4th of December, I will be writing on my impressions of religion in the States today. Please check in with me for my next Blog4u4.


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